KISS Collections


You & your mani are one-of-a-kind with KISS Masterpiece. The world’s most luxurious looking false nails take minutes to apply and feature premium special effect nail art designs and 3D jeweled accents in long stiletto and coffin shapes.

Fantasy Collection – Experience the fantasy with a ready-to-wear gel manicure that is gorgeously detailed, yet takes minutes to apply and stays perfect for up to a week! Each kit includes a choice of nail glue for longer wear and press-on self-adhesive tabs so you can change styles as often as you want!

Jelly Fantasy – NEW on-trend gel nails with a 90’s translucent “jelly” high shine finish look smooth as glass and are durable, flexible, and so easy to apply.

Gel Fantasy – Amazing gel shine & an ultra-smooth finish in high fashion accents and glitter designs.
Gel Fantasy Sculpted Nails - Featuring a high arch–just like long salon sculpted false nails– these beauties are ready-to-wear in minutes, with trendsetting colors and coffin and stiletto shapes.  
Jewel Fantasy – High-Fashion Glamour Nails come in breathtaking custom-look nail art designs with 3D rhinestones and other jeweled accents.

Glam Fantasy – Ultimate Illusion Nails rock an amazing gel look, with special FX such as matte, chrome, glitter & NEW 3D finishes!

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