Triple Pushup Collection

Lash Couture - Next Level Lash Innovation

• Styles from Classic to Mega-Glam

• On-Trend Designs Pro Makeup Artists Covet, Celebrities Request, & Lash Wearers LOVE!

LuXtensions - The Ultimate Lash Extensions Look

• Real lash extension fibers have the natural look of extensions, with a mix of D, C and J curls on a super thin band

• Available in 5 strip styles and a 40-cluster Faux Lash Extensions Kit (Semi-Permanent Adhesive included) that lasts up to 2 weeks, like real extensions!

Faux Mink - Like Mink, Only Better!

• Before Lash Couture, nothing compared to the look and feel of real mink lashes. Enter, our Faux Mink Collection

• These cruelty-free mink look-a-likes transcend everyday beauty, with sumptuously soft lashes.

Naked Drama - So fluffy, lightweight & luxurious, you’ll feel like you are wearing nothing!

• One of the world’s most popular lash designs

• Cushion flexi-band hugs your lash line for a seamless fit.

• Split-Tip Technology offers over the top volume.

Triple Push-Up - Push-up! Glam out!

• Enhanced volume, defining length and eye-lifting curl

• Triple Design technology–3D volume with three lash designs in ONE strip.

5th Avenue Collection - The Ultimate Luxury for Your Eyes!

• The silkiest lash ever, each strand is individually styled for the most glamorous, elegant looking results.

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